tools for the dancer

Here are some of the tools we will be using in the practice of I Think Not. It would be good to get a bit used to using them. Almost any setting could work.

What if the question “What if where I am is what I need?” is not about what you need but an opportunity to inhabit the question “What if where I am is what I need?”?

What if dance is how you practice relationship with your whole body at once in relationship to the space where you are dancing in relationship to each passing moment in relationship to your audience? What if the depth of this question is on the surface?

What if your choice to surrender the pattern—and it is just a pattern—of facing a single direction or fixing on a singularly coherent idea, feeling, or object when you are dancing is a way of remembering to see where you are in order to surrender where you are?

What if how you see while you are dancing, including what you imagine, invent, project, and can and cannot see in a prescribed area near, mid-range, and far, at any given moment, is a means by which movement arises without looking for it?

What if your perception of the space within the circle, changing as you move through it, enlarges the experience of your dancing?

PS The solo is choreographed to be performed in the round.

– Deborah Hay



4 thoughts on “tools for the dancer

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